4 August-This weeks fishing report

Fishing has been very poor in the last week, especially in and around False Bay

We headed out on Wednesday lunch time and as we got to the point we found Birds falling from the point, into Diaz beach and out to the SW reefs and our first thought was that the dry spell has finally ended and we going to catch the duk…… unfortunately this was not the case, we spent around 3 hours out there and managed to hook just one YT which did not stay on for too long. So we left with our tail between our legs and went to look in Buffles for some Chokka and hopefully a early Season Snoek or two, after riding up and down found some nice marks opposite the kruisie and put a anchor in, we spent around a hour there and did not manage a thing. From there we went on to do a bit of reef fishing and caught and released a few Roman and one Small red Steenbras. Water temp outside the point were between 13,2 and 13,6 and inside the point the warmest we found was 14,2.

Thursday saw a few boats heading out again to take advantage of the good weather and catches were not much better. I heard of one commercial boat catching 2 Yellowtail on their bottom lines while fishing for Hotties and heard of one recreational boat landing one YT on the troll, water temp pretty much the same as the day before.

Guys are seeing Masses of Mackerel at the Bullnose with only a few been caught, guys trying for Chokka also only managed a few.

Till next week, Have a good weekend everyone!

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